Founded in 2008, The Italian Way invites you to Live Italy as an insider,this is our mission. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do: a Cooking Class, an Italian Language Course or a Food Tour. We offer all of that. We work with families, friends, couples and singles who seek an Italy experience quite beyond a traditional tourist holiday. 


We are what we eat, and our experiences form an unforgettable part of our lives. This is why our Cooking Vacations are much more than cooking classes First of all: We are Italian .learning to make the dough for pasta
Hands on cooking classes and not simple demonstrations. In the cooking courses you will cook and “Mani in Pasta”discover how cooking can be both relaxing and extraordinary fun.
The rhythm of life and the surrounding greenery facilitate a relaxing learning experience.
Easy and Fun that’s what LEARNING ITALIAN is!
Our unique approach to the language and our knowledge of some of the best spots in Italy make us different from the rest.
Full week or week-end modules in beautiful settings let the our guests “taste” a unique experience. Full Immersion programs with “All inclusive formula” or “Just Italian”, for those staying in other locations in the surrounding area.
Sharing our lifestyle  will make you forget not being at home but you will feel at home..together with your Italian friends.


Castels, Farms,Fields, and bars will be included in our program but also our beautiful class location with the magnificent view.
Small groups, individual, outdoor lessons and a strongly practical teaching focus on aspects of language interaction with different themes.
The primary goal is to strengthen all communicative and comprehension skills in the Italian language with a corresponding strengthening of vocabulary, phraseology and use of idiomatic expressions.


Piedmont is the land of some of Italy’s most prized wines  and it has become a superlative gastronomic destination. Le Marche are a world in one region. Piedmontese cooking is considered today  to be the best among in the Italian regions, thanks to some of the best ingredients  in the world.
The food artisans will teach sometimes behind the scenes and sometime hands on.
If you are a foodie don’t miss our food tours or escorted wine tours in Italy and Piedmont. We design our food tour with deep knowledge and great passion for the Italian regions to offer the best wine and food experience.
Italian cooking is more popular than ever.
Our Italian language and cooking courses offer an insight into our way of appreciating our country. Learning the Italian language and Italian cooking gives you an unforgettable experience and you will go back home as more of a true Italian.

Hands on cooking class and Italian language

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Full immersion course

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