Simona e Piergiorgio

Simona Addabbo, Founder
She attended the faculty of Foreigners languages of Catholic University of Milan and after graduating at the interpreter’s school in 1995 in Turin she travelled a lot and lived in different countries and always came back with different experiences.
Now she finally stopped, she met Piergiorgio and they have a beautiful baby girl Margherita…
She found a new world here in this country house in the heart of Langhe,Piedmont and deicded to found The Italian Way she organises Italian Language and Cultural Courses.
After having seen almost the entire world I have realised that Italy is beautiful, its food is an art, and its art is a jewel,and it is such a pleasure for me to be able to transfer this passion and all of my experience to whomever will want to learn this warm italian culture! Learn Italian in Piedmont, discover Turin and its surrounds! An italian school in Italy living with an italian family….the italian way!!

Piergiorgio Pezzolesi, Founder

Piedmontese d’ adoption comes from a region where the culture of food is in the blood: Emilia Romagna.
He has always been in the restaurant business and always with his “hands in pasta”, he personally organizes and teaches the cooking courses, from fresh home made pasta, he will teach to you to pull pasta by hand with the “mattarello”, to the preparation of cakes, roasted meats, bread, gravies…. he will use the amazing products of Piedmont to teach you.
Perhaps you will not return to your country as a “professionals chef”, but for sure you will learn some tricks of this art and a lot more: In the time of globalization he will help you become responsible consumers, and teach how to choose which is fundamental for us and our future!Italian cooking courses in Piedmont, Italy. Learn how to cook…the italian way!

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