Italian Language Class

The minigroup course is ideal for students wanting to learn italian and keep their afternoons free to roam around on their own or enjoy our suggestions for cultural activities, great shopping, and fine locations for food and wine.

Duration: 15 hours of lessons/20 hours of lessons.

Number of students: 4 students per minigroup

Time schedule:
lessons: 9:00 – 12:00 or 9:00-1:00 pm ( 50′ lessons, break every hour) from monday-friday.


1 week 15 hours: € 290
20 hours: € 390
2 weeks 30 hours: € 550
40 hours: € 740
3 weeks 45 hours: € 789
60 hours: € 1.050
4 weeks 60 hours: € 1.050
80 hours: € 1.320

Learning material included in the price of minigroup course
In the afternoon, each student will be able to visit our beautiful territory or enjoy the many activities all around, or simply relax on a terrace and enjoy the view in a perfect location.

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