Teaching method

Our philosophy and teaching method

simonaMy teaching philosophy is based on communication, participation and involvement (totally physically involved) of all students who will be often asked to use their new language knowledge starting from a text being read, or listened to or “watched”. The program of classes may vary depending on students needs or requests.
We will have role-play activities, and activities of conversation in couple, both guided and free.
All of this will be completed by cultural activities which will enrich class teachings with the real Italian way of life.
This course has been thought of as flexible, involving and non academic; in order to guide the students to reach their objectives in a fun and pleasant way; and to take away all fears there might be about talking in a foreign language.
We are a typical Italian family and I would like my students to take part in what we are.
I am really excited to be able to give you a personalized course and make you feel not just like simple tourist, but an active part of our family!